We Are A Denver Realty Marketing Company

These are just some of the characteristics of Denver’s thriving 5280 neighborhood, dubbed ‘the next LoHi’. Situated in a building constructed in 1884- in one of Denver’s original apartment buildings- 5280 welcomed a new addition to the neighborhood with the opening of 5280 Real Estate in 2014. The distinctive character of the 5280 brand is punctuated throughout the new space with the use of materials like poured cement, iron, steel, reclaimed wood and exposed red brick- all locally sourced, designed, fabricated and handcrafted by 5280 owner/designer. Focusing on Denver’s most popular neighborhoods, 5280 Real Estate is a constatly expanding real estate brokerage that has spent years developing it’s marketing so that we can better serve our clients with the most efficient and internet based realty marketing for esidential and commercial real estate. 5280® owns three trademarks for the term “5280” because we are focused on serving the people of Colorado, only. Offering a vertically integrated approach with one differentiating advantage: 5280 has an in-house creative team that handles branding, logo, graphic design, marketing, public relations, and advertising as an inclusive service to their Brokers and their clients.

5280®’s first priority is to keep you legally protected throughout the home buying and selling process. Secondly, educate you on all aspects of the Home Buying or Home Selling process so by the time we are done you’ll feel like you could have a real estate license. And finally, but just as important as our first priority, we truly care about making sure that you make the best investment possible, whether you are buying or selling. 5280 Realty® will structure the best sale for the best financial outcome, every time.  Important, the highest offer isn’t necessarily the best deal, we obviously want you to make the most money possible when selling your home and that’s where our experience comes in. With more than 25 years of business experience that incorporates legal, contract formation & negotiations, custom home and log designing and building experience, worked for 7 years as a the Department lead as a Civil Design Engineer for one of the nation’s largest engineering firms, Joe P. Sainz III knows how to build a home from the dirt up and how to legally navigate the deal. How many agents have designed, engineered and built custom homes or rehabbed a dilapidated asbestos Denver Bungalow home and is born and raised in Denver?

If you want the #1 real estate broker in Colorado and a Colorado Real Estate Brokerage that focuses only on Colorado, then you need to hire Denver’s best, the hugely popular 5280 Realty®. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a Colorado transplant who doesn’t know our great city and state, or someone who simply passed the test, received a real estate license, and can now open doors to show a home, hire someone who truly knows contracts, loves and knows homes and real estate, and has years and years of realty experience who founded & grew his own Colorado real estate company. 

We are not a franchise, we are Colorado! 5280who knows Denver intimately because they have helped build it and grew up in Denver, then you NEED Joe Sainz to help you with all of your real estate needs.

We do not want to pressure you into just buying any home. When we go home shopping, 5280 Realty® wants you to become educated and learn as much as possible about homes during the purchasing process.  Joe Sainz will point out details of homes, good and bad and why! Born and raised in Denver Colorado, Joe P. Sainz III, is the owner and founder of 5280® / 5280 Realty®, the Best real estate brokerage in Colorado that is 100% Colorado. If you are looking to hire someone who knows Denver and the surrounding Metro area as well as homes better than any other agent in Colorado, then you need to hire Joe Sainz of  5280®  a third generation native who has Intimate knowledge of Denver as well as surrounding metro area.

Mr. Sainz is  a 3rd generation native, a CU Buffalo and also graduated from North High School. Denver neighborhoods have completely changed in 25 years and you need someone like Joe Sainz to explain the history, trends and investment possibilities and pitfalls. Joe P. Sainz was born and raised in metro Denver and knows the downtown Denver and all the areas surrounding it better than any transplant with a RE license. I have designed and built homes as an engineer and specialized in expansive soils. I’ve inspected the engineering design for custom home builds and rehabbed Denver homes and sold them. I am an true entrepreneur and been in business for more than 25 years.


5280 Realty® – Denver’s Best Real Estate Brokerage

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